Apples: Facts, Types, Benefits of apple , Side Effects and Uses.

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Beautifully said, 

     “An Apple in a day, 
      Keeps the doctor away! “

You all know about the apple fruit and you all love eating apples. But do you know the various facts and health benefits of apples? Do you know why is apple red? Do you the Apple scientific name and family? Let’s deal with all these things. 

Common facts about Apples:-

The scientific name of Apple is Malus pumila but researchers have given it more names like Malus domestica, Malus sylvestris Or Pyrus malus. 
Geographical conditions for the growth of apples-
Apples are generally grown in well-drained and loamy soils having pH range of about 5.5-6.5 . The soil should not any sort of hard substrata. Soil should not be heavy clay or compact subsoil. Apple is a fruit that grows best in temperate region. The average hot temperature should be 21-24°C during it’s growth period. Apples generally grows best in the cold region and abundant sunshine for its good color. It can grown upto the altitude of about 1500-2700m above the sea level. Rainfall of about 1000-1250mm is needed for the best growth of apples. China is the leading producer of apples with approx 42,426,578 tonnes per year followed by USA, Poland and India. 

Why is Apple Red? 

You all know the color of the Apple, red. But have you ever wonder that why is Apple red? Why not green or pink or any other color? 
Apples are red because of the presence of the pigments of Anthocyanins. These are the pigments or color which develops as the Apple grows. 
But you will be shocked after knowing that Red is not the real color of Apple. Apple appears red because of Anthocyanins present in it which absorbs all the colors from the rainbow except of red, thus, reflects only red color. So we see apples as red in color. 
But color of the apples varies from red to yellow and green. 

Types of Apples

There are various types of apples with wide range of benefits and usage. Let’s have a look over some of the types of apples-

1. Gala Apples

Gala is the special type of Apple with texture of orangish red and yellow in color with stripped pattern on its skin. This is so sweet and delicious in taste. Gala Apples are considered to be originated from New Zealand. It is one of most popular apples in United States. 

2. Fuji Apples

Fuji Apples are sweet and delicious in taste which is made by cross between two of the varieties of apples i.e. The Red Delicious and Old Virginia Ralls Janet Apples. Fuji Apples are considered to be originated from Fujisaki, Aomori, Japan. 

3. Red Delicious Apples

Earlier it was the most popular American Apple. Its origin is considered to be from Madison County, Lowa, United States. It comes in reddish texture.They are very juicy, but are hard to chew, quite crispy and their skin are tough. It has almost no flavor or mild flavor. 

4. Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp Apples are quite crispy, juicy and sweet in taste. Their origin is considered to be from Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota. Average sized honeycrisp apples contain approx 95 calories. They are cross pollinated between two apples i.e. Honeygold and Macoun. 

5. Macoun

Macoun Apples have tough outer skin which makes it more crispier and has white flesh. Their origin is considered to be from Geneva, New York, USA. They are cross pollinated between Mclntosh and Jersey Black apples. They have white crisp flesh to eat. 

 Benefits of Apple s:-

We have wide range of Apple benefits. It contains various vitamins, minerals and fibers that are required by our body in a fixed proportion for the proper work and function of internal organs as well as the whole body. We should know what are in apples, what are the benefits of apples. Let’s have a look at how are apples good for you-

1. Rich in Nutritions

Apples are very rich in nutritions, which are essential component for the growth and well functioning of our body. Here, we would have a look on the various Apple Nutrition facts:
Apples are rich source of Vitamin E, B1, and B6. 
Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant, Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine is essential for the growth and development of our body and Vitamin B6 is essential for protein metabolism. It is also rich  Polyphenols, Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Calorie, Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrate, Dietary fiber, Sugar and Protein. 
Antioxidant plays an important role in protecting our body cell from harmful molecules (that may cause the chronical diseases like heart disease or cancer). 

2. Helps in Weight loss

The Polyphenols present in apples also have anti-obesity effects that prevent our body from unwanted fats, thus helps in reducing weight. It also contains water and fiber which plays an important role in losing weight. 

3. Good for Heart

Apples contain soluble fiber that lowers the blood cholesterol level in our body. Poplyphenols present in Apple also plays an important role in protecting our heart from diseases. It contains Flavenoid epicatechin which have a great function in regulating our blood pressure by lowering it and keeping in a range needed by our body. Thus, reduced risk of stroke. 

4. Lowers the risk of diabetes

Apple reduces the risk of diabetes due to the presence of Polyphenols which contain quercetin and phloridzin. Quercetin is an Anti-inflammatory agent which reduces insulin resistance, thus, triggers the release of insulin in our body. Phloridzin helps in reducing the sugar uptake in intestines, which in turn reduces blood sugar load, thus, reduces the risk of diabetes. 
Type 1:- This is the type of diabetes that attacks on the beta cell present in pancreas. In this diease, our body loses its ability to produce insulin. Symptoms of type 1 diabetes appears more readily than that of type 2. Generally, children and people upto the age of 40 years are more prone to type 1 diabetes. 
Type 2:- In this type of diabetes, the attack is on alpha of pancreas. In this, our body becomes incapable in producing insulin, or, if it succeeds in making insulin, then also, the insulin fails to work properly. Symptoms appears gradually, thus could be missed. Weight, age, ethnicity are some of the important reasons that can lead to the diabetes of type 2.

5. Helps in preventing cancer

Apples are rich in antioxidants that plays an important role in preventing our body from certain types of cancers like that of lungs, breast or digestive tract cancer etc. Protein fiber present in apples also have a unique role in preventing our body from cancer. They inhibit the multiplication or growth of cancer cells or sometimes may lead to the death of cancer cells that prevents our body from cancer. 

6. Helps in fighting against Asthma

Antioxidants have an important role in protecting our lungs from oxidative damage. The peel of the Apple or commonly known as Apple skin helps in regulating our immune system and reduces the chances of inflammation. Apples contain Proanthocyanidins, which may prevent our lungs from allergic asthma airway inflammation. 

7. Helps in protecting our Brain

Quercetin present in Polyphenols in the apples plays an important role in protecting our brain from oxidative stress. Quercetin prevents stress associated nerve damage by regulating oxidative and inflammatory stress markers. 

8. Beneficial for Skin

Apple is very healthy for skin. It contains various vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Antioxidants, polyphenols, which have a great role in protecting our outer skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays, thus, prevent our skin cells from getting damaged, thus, leads to a younger looking skin. Vitamin C prevents premature aging and keeps our skin shiny, glowing and healthy. 

Yellow Apple Benefits-

We usually eat and know about red apples. But yellow apples are also very beneficial for our body. It is sweet and widely enjoyed fruit due to it’s sweetness and also because it proves to be healthy for our body. Yellow apples benefits- 
Prevents chronic diease- These are rich in photochemicals, which helps fight against chronic disease, thus prevent us from chronic diseases. 
Loses weight- Peels of yellow Apple contains dietary fiber and soluble fat which helps in reducing weight, thus, prevents us from unwanted fat. 
Nutritious- Yellow Apples are also good source of potassium, iron, zinc and carotenoids. 

Fuji Apple Benefits-

Fuji Apples are rich source of Vitamin C which is required by our body in a fixed proportion to keep it healthy. 
Vitamin C – Plays an important role in keeping our skin moisturized, shiny, glowing and healthy. It also prevents diabetes, cancer and other medical conditions. 
Quercetin and Pectin – Fuji Apples skin contain some amount of Quercetin which lowers the risk of heart stroke by 32%. It also contains Pectin, which plays an important role in cleansing action. It protects our body from harmful chemicals and also controls weight of our body, thus, prevent our body from extra unwanted fats. 

Side Effects and Precautions of Apples:-

Though apples are nutritious and good for our health and skin, still there are some side effects of apples. It is so because our body need those nutritions in a fixed proportion. If consumed less, then our body will be nutrition deficient and of consumed more, then body will have excess nutrition. Both the conditions lead to medical issues. Let’s have a look over the various side efftects of apples-

1. Apple seeds are harmful

Apple seeds have some proportions of cyanide which are poisonous. Eating apple seeds in high proportion sometimes can lead to death. Cyanide instantly get released in the stomach as the seeds are digested, so it may take some hours for the symptoms of poison to appear. 

2. Can increase the chances of diabetes

Apple juice or apple alone sometimes can increase the sugar level in our blood. The medications for diabetes are used to lower the blood sugar. If we consume apple along with the medications of diabetes, it could be dangerous for our health as it would interfere in the functioning of medication.

3. Chances of Hyperkalemia and Heart Attack

Apples are the rich source potassium. Potassium if consumed in high amount more than needed by our body can cause a disease known as Hyperkalemia. Excess of potassium can also damage our heart and cause heart attack sometimes. 

4. Chances of Nausea, bone weakening etc

Apples also contains magnesium, which if consumed in higher amount than that needed by our body can lead to the medical issues like Nausea, can cause bone and muscles weakening, fatigue, trouble in breathing Or even cardiac arrest sometimes. 

Uses of Apple Fruit:-

1. Face Pack

Apples’ skin can be used to make face pack which is very beneficial and healthy for our skin. It contains vitamin C and antioxidants which moisturises our skin and protect it from harmful UV rays. 
Directions: First keep Apple peel under the open sky on sunny day. Let it be dry. Take those dried peels and grind it to make it’s powder. Keep it in an air tight container. Now use it according to need. Take 2 spoons of powder and mix it with 3 spoons of butter milk and stir it until it turn into a smooth paste. Now apply it on skin of face, neck and leave it for about 25-30 minutes. Now wash the skin with cold water.

2. Apple Butter

Apples can also be used to make Apple butter which is quite healthier, tastier and good for our body. 
Ingredients: Apples, Sugar, Apple Cider, Powdered cinnamon. 
Method: Wash the apples, chop them, and pressure cook them for 3 whistles. After this, open the lid add sugar and stir it continuously. Now add the Apple cider and keep mixing. Again place the lid and slow cook it for about an hour. Then on the lowest heat, cook it for 10-12 hours, stirring at an interval of about 2 hours. At last hours of cooking add cinnamon powder. After this, cool the mixture and blend it until it become smooth. Preserve the Apple butter by placing in an air tight container. 

3. Apple Juice

Apples can so used for making Apple juice which is very beneficial for our body. It keeps our body hydrated during summers, is a rich source of vitamin C, which is healthier for our skin, contains antioxidants and many more essential nutrients which are required by our body. 
Ingredients: Apples, Cinnamon powder, sugar. 
Method: Take Apples wash them, chop them roughly. Remove the seeds. There is no need to peel it off. Place the apples in a pot and add water to it. Slowly boil it until it becomes soft. Strain the mixture in a bowl. Now add sugar and cinnamon powder to it, stir it, and the tasty and healthy Apple juice is ready to be served. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. What is the scientific name of apples? 

Ans- The common Scientific name of Apple is Malus pumila. But it is also known as Malus domestica, Malus sylvestris, Pyrus malus etc. 

2. Which country is the leading producer of apples? 

Ans- China is the leading producer of apples with approx 43,426,578 tonnes production per year followed by USA, Poland, India etc. 

3. Which types of Vitamins, minerals and nutritions do the apples have? 

Ans- Apples are rich source of Vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B6, Dietary Fiber, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Polyphenols, Antioxidants, Sugar, Calories etc. 

4. Why is Apple red? 

Ans- Apples are red because of the presence of Anthocyanins pigments, which absorbs all the colors of the rainbow except of Red, thus, it reflects red color and we see apples as red in color. 

5. What are the benefits of Apples? 

Ans- Apples are beneficial for our health in various aspects. It keeps our skin glowing, shiny, moisturized and healthy. It prevents us from extra unwanted body fats, prevents from cardiac arrest or heart stroke, prevents us from Diabetes of type 2, regulates cholesterol and blood sugar level, prevents from cancer by killing cancer cells and so on. 


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