World Stationary Day 2022:- History, Importance, How can we celebrate, Related questions and Facts

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World Stationary Day 2022:

World Stationary Day is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of April. This year it is held on 27 April Wednesday. It may seem that with the use email, text, and other type of electronic gadgets, importance of stationary is fading day by day. To mark the importance of Stationary and to write on paper rather than using message through electronic gadgets, we celebrate this day every year.
The main aim of this day is to make people around the world realise the fun and importance of writing in hand. 
World Stationary Day is all about preserving the art of writing words on page instead of sending long text on electronic version. 

History of World Stationary Day:-

With the improvement in the use of electronic gadgets, the use and Importance of Stationary is decreasing day by day. But still there are many people who get pleasure in writing with their hand. It is celebrated around the world to protect and encourage the use of Stationary. 

World Stationary Day is celebrated every year since 2012 to honour the 80th Anniversary of the creation of Magna Carta which is one of the most important written documents in British history. Magna Carta was created in 1215.
Humans have been writing for thousands of year, since pre history. At that time, writting become more necessary to transmit the information. Rulers and Authorities were very educated and need of communication. But most of the time they didn’t write themselves. They had scribes on their staff who would have all records that needed to be written.
As everything does, writing slowly evolved from these triangles into what it is today. More than 1 billion of trees are used to cut and use to make papers, magazines, notebook, stationary, journals and more.
Paper is big industry and stationary is important part of it.

Importance of Stationary:-

Stationary market is mainly consumed by educational and commercial making them as the most prominent end users. It play a very important role and essential for students in their education. A proper set of these stationary enables them to efficiently embark the journey of learning, acquiring and increasing knowledge eventually. Studies have even show that who write on paper with their hands are probably more engaged in the topic.

When it comes to commercial stationary, we can say that it is an indirect representation and symbol of company and business. Even for those who are unable to meet you in person, the premium quality envelopes, cards, letters head printed on high quality paper to enhance the professional appearance.

How to celebrate World Stationary Day:-

People who are thinking and wondering that how can we celebrate and spend this day properly, there’s nothing to worry about! Lots of options are there for taking a little bit of extra time to appreciate all of the beautiful things about writing on Stationary such as:

Write a card or letter:

The very first thing which is interesting and unbelievable simple is to write a card or letter.
Get those sharpened pencils or grab your favourite pens and get ready to celebrate this day by writing. Folks you should remember those beautiful days when we use to write these type of cards and letters either that was greeting cards for our friends, family and other special too! We don’t have even much time at that time also but we do these things with the great excitement and pleasure. Because sending and receiving letters is not only about exchanging information. It’s about the person who decide to take the extra time and efforts to write actually words with full of emotions and feelings on the piece of paper. And then going to post office potentially and finally send it off. And it means a lot because receiving a hand written letter or card is truely something special.

Write a poem:-

Letters and cards are not only the kind of activity that we do for using the stationary.
We can also write the lovely poems. So folks, grab a pretty piece of paper and write your lovely words. It can be an epic. 
Infact World Stationary Day would be great to write an ode to how much people should adore stationary.

Stationary for Holidays:-

If holidays is coming up, especially at big ocassion like Christmas or Easter, make a beautiful cards and write a letter amd send to friends, family, and other people who are deeply cared about.
When we give a handwritten cards on the special day like BiRthDaY, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, then the day become more special after receiving the card. However it does not need any special occasion! Simply write a letter or card to the loved one just because.

Related Questions:-

When we celebrate World Stationary Day?

World Stationary Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April.

What is the main motive of celebrating World Stationary Day?

World Stationary Day is all about to preserve the art of writing words on page instead of texting through electronic gadgets and devices.

What is Magna Carta?

Magna Carta is one of the most important handwritten documents in British history which is created in 1215.

Why we celebrate World Stationary Day?

We celebrate World Stationary Day for the honor of 80th Anniversary of the creation of Magna Carta.

Which other days are celebrated on 27th April?
Days celebrated on 27th April are:-
~National Tell a story Day
~Stop food waste day
~Morse Code day
~World Tapir Day
~National prime rib day
~International guide dog day
~National Administrative professional day
~Marine mammal rescue day


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