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You don’t need to be a wizard to transform a game you like into a game you love. Imagine if you could give your favorite PC game a more informative…

In this article, we’ll be looking for some best books to learn Basics of Ethical Hacking and Hacking Games. 
So let’s start with Basics:
First of all you should know about hacking. What is Hacking?
What are the types of Hacking? 
What’s their roles? & 
Why you should learn hacking in 2022?
Hacking is an art as well as a mandatory process that everyone should know and prevent themselves from cyber attacks.
So we should first understand the types of hackers:
1.White Hat Hacker 🎩 
First up, we have the perfect type of hacker to break the stereotype. The white hat hacker is a good guy, as ironic as it may sound. White Hackers, white hat hackers or ethical hackers are the people who test existing internet infrastructures to research loopholes in the system. They create algorithms and perform multiple methodologies to break into systems, only to strengthen them.

Think of this as a lockpick, who would work his way around locks, only to inform the owners of how to make the locks work better.

Famous white hat hackers have historically been pivotal in ensuring that large corporations maintain a strong network framework so that it is unbreakable against all other types of hacking. From being employees of the Government to being private consultants, white hackers help internet be a better and safer place.
2. Black Hat Hacker 🎩 
Simply put, these are the bad guys. Black hat hackers are responsible for all that is wrong with hacking. These guys break into systems purely with negative intentions. From stealing credit card information, to altering public databases, a black hat hacker looks to gain fame or monetary benefits from exploiting the loopholes in internet frameworks. Famous black hat hackers have notoriously robbed banks and financial institutions of millions of dollars, and invaluable private data.
3. Grey Hat Hacker 🎩 
A grey hat hacker usually has mixed intentions. As the color code implies, this hacker type does not have the good intentions of a white hat hacker, nor does he have the ill intentions of a black hacker. A grey hat would break into systems but never for his own benefit. Famous grey hat hackers have exploited systems only to make the information public, and to bring to limelight vast datasets of information that contains wrongdoings.
Now let’s proceed for books that will help you a lot to learn and explore this world :
Best Books To Learn Hacking 🔰
Master the Kali Linux – From Noob to Expert Hacking – 8 Ebooks
Grey Hat Hacking – The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook Ebook
Hacking The Art of Exploitation Ebook
The Hacker’s Underground Hand Book.
Here are few links ( Ebooks) that you guys might be interested in 🔰
The Hacker Playbook : Practical Guide To Penetration Testing
The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing
Android Hacker’s Handbook
BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner’s Guide
Black Hat Python
Some more links to download books 📚 

Game hacking : developing autonomous bots for online games

Basics of Ethical Hacking

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